Awakening the Field ~ Feb 19, 2022 
Societal Issues 

15 Societal issues
15 Constellations on these issues
Awakening ánd shifting the field.....

One day on Societal Issues 
Sat Feb 19, 2022 from 06.45am CET - 10.30pm CET

More then ever the field around us is shaped by societal issues. There are many societal issues in our context in the moment, coming very close to our daily life. Issues that unite us, issues that separate us. Issues that somehow impact us. We can try to close our eyes for them, avoid them or face them.

What can the systemic perspective and systemic constellations contribute to the bigger and smaller, the more global and more local societal issues?

Many congresses on these themes are about talking, discussing, debating and sharing knowledge and information. This congress is about doing. Doing and exploring. Taking care to be part. Experiencing and co-creating insights. It’s not about miracles nor solutions. It’s about exploring and maybe shifting perspectives. It’s about our ancestors and history, about nowness and about the generations and future to come. It’s about becoming aware of patterns and releasing life energy to flow in inspiration and maybe action. 

At the moment we're collecting societal issues which might be of interest for many people. On this website we'll update about the workshops faciliators, topics and news. So keep an eye on us!

After three days working in China it dawned to me: ‘The only option we have as human beings is the will and willingness to understand other people. Even if this is hardly possible’. This was one of the seeds for this congress.

Jan Jacob Stam